SecretExPg001TinyBChapter 1: Kidnapped

Professor Chambers and Professor Dunn are kidnapped by a gang led by the Master to work on the Sonic Accelerator at his secret lab.




SecretEx-flat80-Ch2-Pg01-TinyChapter 2: The Master Strikes

Professor Quigley, already a captive of the Master, has completed a prototype of the Sonic Accelerator.

Fearing their kidnapping, Lt. Flynn relocates Professor Forrest and Miss Whitney to a secret location.

Matt and Gail are asked by the Science Foundation Board to investigate the kidnapping of their scientists.


Secret-fl80-Ch3-Pg01tiny Chapter 3: Trapped

Matt and Gail track the gang to Electronics Unlimited looking for the mysterious Mr. Chartoff.

Miss Whitney alerts the Master to the location of the secret lab.




Secret-fl80-Ch4-Pg01tiny Chapter 4: A Watery Grave

Matt and Gail track the gang to their new hideout in the harbor.